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We are commited to meeting the expectations of our customers. We achieve this by mixing technology and innovation to deliver the best experience.

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Web Development

When doing web development, we think mobile first. Your mobile visitors will have just as good an experience as your desktop users.

Full Stack

We wear many hats: from setting up your infrastructure and creating backend services, all the way to rounding the corners of your website's buttons.

Improving performance

Your website's loading time is affecting your bottom line. We can analyze and improve your website's loading time, or the number of operations per second that your services can handle.

Quality assurance

We help you maintain a quality standard for your software over its entire lifetime with performance and automated testing.


SEO is the holy grail of Web traffic acquisition. SEO campaings take longer to become effective, but can bring highly qualified traffic with no recurring cost.


You won't have to worry about software created by us breaking down. We're available to provide support after delivery.


Alexandru Mihai

Software Engineer by day, Hacker by night. Simple can be harder than complex: the purpose of software engineering is to control complexity, not create it.



Bogdan Mihai

Worked at @Facebook, @Twitter. Over 4 years of software engineering experience, half of which were spent doing front-end. I believe in doing it right even when nobody's looking.



Vitalie Maldur

I believe that software will help humanity to make the next step in evolution. Embrace continuous learning to get better. Dream big, start small in software and in life.


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